Thursday, 17 July 2014

Sex Tip of the Week: Fun Sex

The bedroom is boring. Make matters worse if you insist lights off. A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all, someone quipped. I am for this. I have an open mind, and not afraid. I want a man who is so.

I love the outdoors, very much. Not because I am desi girl naturally and I aggrandize the perfumed garden of the Kama Sutra. I have not even watched the Kama Sutra, but I have read the book, crammed it like a Muslim girl attending madrassa.

And then there is the hotel. And please, it’s not the dingy ones where the shower trickles like tears, and the bed is noisier than a locomotive. Even though it is said it’s a public place, take me in the elevator on that ride up to our room.

Well, something else I like very much is sex in the office. Not the me-the-secretary-and-you-the-boss thing. That’s unprofessional, and for me office romance is a no-no. It’s the other way round. I will surprise you in your office and demand you give it to me there and then. Don’t be afraid to storm into my office and ask nicely to unfurl the petal that’s my pussy.

Who cares whether I still behave like a teenager at thirty. I am a bachelorette. I fuck wherever I want whenever I feel like. So, sex in the car; make it more tantalizing on the hood – I will squirt all over you like a fountain.

I always dream of having a pleasure cruise. That’s after my childhood sweetheart failed miserably to take me on the stern of my father’s boat as my twenty-third birthday present. He was afraid that the boat might capsize. The idiot did not know that if he died inside my palpitating pussy it was one-way ticket to heaven. I still crave that.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

1000 Years without Climaxing

I was prone on the bed and he lay on top of me. I opened my luscious thighs, that were already palpitating with desire, and received him, from behind. Like a man who is in love with a virgin, and aware of it, he moved inside me gently and deeply anchored there.

The soft of his palm cuddled me, stroked and fondled my swollen breasts. Like the body when it realizes it’s pointless and useless to fight death, I felt my self-will and restraint give way, the body abandon the notion of bothering about the surrounding and drew up my legs and spread them like wings to feel him proffer my vulva completely to his glans and penis shaft.

Just when it was getting heated, I lay on my stomach and he followed suit on top of me, legs interlaced. I was in the mood for trying something new, a sex style and position I had seen in one of Kama Sutra’s books. Following what the book had said, I turned and he did so with our backs to each other.

I knew he would feel some pain, but I had a way around that. I maintained my balance with one arm facing him supported on his body, titillated at the entrance to my weeping pussy by the glans of his thick shaft. Naturally this was only foreplay.

He got it real deep into my cunt by turning gently to one side. Then my pulsating pudendum was now ready to receive him in totality.

Whatever he did, a slight movement caressed places I never even knew existed. The intensity of the pleasure was debilitating, and gyrating in synch we realized that it just skyrocketed. When we stopped the sirens went off and drove us to about climax.

It was like a game we seemed to know by heart, his penis anchored deep into me like a vise while my pussy shuddered and welled at the same time.

Were it not for his gullibility to release inside me I could do it for a 1000 years like the Indian gods of love without climaxing.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sex Tip of the Week: The Games

Life is too short to live it somberly  Go for it. Do all the craziest things you want. That’s where the games come in.

And I’m not talking of Olympian Games in honour of Zeus. Four years is very long time to wait to have fun.
The bedroom is not the only room in the house where sex should be done. All rooms are erotic venues. It is too boring to make love in the bedroom, in bed, only.

Have bathroom fun with lit scented candles, hot baths and everything erotic imaginable.

Shower games: play around in the shower; masturbate my throbbing pussy to orgasm with jets of warm water as you give my burning body a sensual massage. And oh, I love cunnilingus under the shower. You take it further and I might just reward you with a bend over. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sharon's Snake

I felt him plant himself in my rear opening. Well, I’m not being euphemistic here. Let me blunt – he planted himself in me from the rear. Not in my ass hole. I am not an ass girl.

He turned round and supported his over-masculine body on the palms and on the tip of the toes. He began to make come-and-go movements as well as circular ones; on my ass. Jeez, he was now pushing it.

But I was not to stay passive. You can’t have such a sensual style while fucking your best friend’s boyfriend and fail to respond with soft movements of the pelvis.

As though it was a ritual he procured for me an extraordinary massage of my G-spot. Trust me, I couldn’t resist the stimulation, nor would any other woman, without having a profound orgasm, a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

I knew he knew ways of the Kama Sutra when he stopped moving and focused his lustful attention somewhere else.

It worked. I felt all my self-will and restraint fail as the sexual energy that I had chained because of the love and care I had for my best friend sublimed.

That was before Sharon announced from the living room that she was home.

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