Friday, 28 December 2012

Madame of the House

It is one thing to be courageous, and it is another to be outrageous.

That’s how it was that day, the day I will forever keep etched on my mind.

She is the madam of the house, the owner of the massage parlour established for her by her Mafioso husband. You know what happens with these Mafia guys – cross the line and you are dead meat, you vanish off the face of the earth without a trace.

She is tall, willowy; big, full breasts that you couldn’t fancy on her body and a waist of a Michelangelo’s carving. Her shoulder length, tar black hair is like the sliver of the moon, and she always smells nice – frangipani and jasmine. Talk of beauty embodied.

But untouchable.

She too knows this. If, and God forbid, one dared live cremation is a mild comeuppance. Moreover, she couldn’t allow it, of that I was sure, no chance in hell. She burned with passionate love and commitment to her Casanova Mafia husband.

As her husband’s head of security I access areas out-of-bounds to many – like going to her private room at the parlour where she plays Peeping Tom watching the shenanigans of authoritative public figures, high ranking government officials and politicians on a bank of screens live from high-power miniature cameras concealed discreetly in each room of vanity and profanity.

I was sent by the boss to fetch her – her presence was needed at the business meeting that was going on on the parlour’s patio.

I stirred as I opened the door when she feebly said “Come in.”

There she was – the woman of my dreams, in reality. For an instance I wanted to bury my head between her breasts, breath in the fragrance of her hair, caress the softness of her skin and explore the treasures between her legs – all forbidden fantasy.

Instead, I said, “Your presence is needed at the negotiation table outside” and turned to leave.

“Not so fast, security boy,” she said giving me the wink and a pout of her scarlet lips.

She came to where I was, pressed her lithe figure against me, and the next minute I felt her hands inside my pants. I wasn’t surprised I was already aroused. However, I felt the erection growing, hardening, in her soft hands.

I also made another earth-shattering discovery – I was as fearful as I was aroused.

I felt my trousers fall down my knees; her hand cupped my scrotum, and then trailed a single nail along the underside of my rock hard shaft, from base to tip.

“I’m no fool, Carlos,” she said. “I see the way you look at me.” She encircled the length of my penis with her fingers. “I must be lying if I said I haven’t fancied how it’d be.”

I hit back a moan, but the twitching of my cock betrayed me.

She then kissed me, moving her soft hands up and down my shaft.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I felt my throbbing gadget thrust futilely into empty air, discharging copiously, and I knew better than to ask for more.

“I don’t mix business with pleasure,” the madam of the house said. “You know that, don’t you?”

“Hmmm….” Is all I managed to utter.

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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sex on the Phone

“I want you to make love to me tonight, babe,” she said when I picked the phone.

“I’d love to, babe, but you know that you’ve got to be strong for me. I wish I could come home soon.”

“No, I want you to make love to me, now.”

“Babe, you know…”

“Don’t you miss me, honey?”

“Of course I do. Why do you…”

“Babe, I miss you sooooo much it hurts. I wish you were here as I tell you this.”

“Me too, but soon. Soon, babe.”

“I’d like to kiss you like crazy, and suck you like lollipop.”

I gasped, but said nothing.

“Guess what, babe? I’m so wet for you. I am now touching my boobs. It feels so nice. I can only imagine your hands on me.”

“Whao! Sounds so sweet.”

“I can feel my nipples in your hot mouth. They are so hard, for you.”


“I can now feel you between my thighs. Oooohh! I like it.”

“Look, babe. I think…”


I discovered something – I too was aroused.

“You are so sweet, babe,” she moaned.

“Honey, I love you. Yes, I like it.” I had no option. “I can taste your sweet-smelling juices on my tongue.”

“Sweetie, I want you to enter me now. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Yes. Yes, babe.”

“Ooooh! Ooooh!” her breathing was so heavy on the phone that it vibrated. “My finger is inside me now. I imagine it’s you in there where you belong.”

I put my hand in my trousers and got hold of my stone hard dick.

“I am rocking you,” Gillian’s voice said over the phone.

As she continued her sweet talk, I rubbed and touched myself. It actually felt like it.

Moaning and cooing continued for over ten minutes before she screamed from the other end, “I’ve come, babe” just as copious liquid spattered my groin.

Who said long distance is a romance killer?

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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Sexy Back

I started kissing him the minute I opened the door for him. Before he could even catch a breath I was all over him – unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his shirt. When he tried to undo my bra I told him NO!

All I wanted was to pleasure him. I knew he knew that I was reserved, and laid back, when it came to sex. Many I time I could feel his body vibrating dissatisfaction for not reciprocating what he did to me.

A year in the relationship and I had not initiated sex even once – not because I believed the man should do it bull, nor because I feared him judging me. Nay. It was not just in me and I abhorred the phrase ‘lover without indiscretion is no lover at all.’ I always wondered how he felt licking me down there while what passes there – urine, menses and other womanly fluids – was dirty.

I knew he expected me to do the same to him, but then I couldn’t help thinking how many other mouths would have sucked him, or how many cunts he’d have inserted his dick in.

When he got fed up with my inactivity in the relationship he told me that we should take a breath, have sometime alone. You never know how much you love a person until they are taken away from you. I couldn’t wait to love him when he was forever gone. I gave him a call, two weeks in the breakup.

I wanted to bring the sexy back in the relationship. I couldn’t throw away the only thing I believed in due to my selfishness.

God, I missed him.

Within no time he stood in front of me naked. I led him to the couch he loved, made him lie down, and then shed off my clothes – a sheer negligee and lingerie that concealed nothing I had purchased just for him.

I rushed to him, reached for his semi-tumescent cock and with my lips nibbled at the sensitive ridge of the penis; fluttering the tip of my tongue over it’s purplish head, sucking as though it were ice-cream.

I felt him swelling in my mouth, his body aching to connect with mine. I teased him some, and when he least expected it, lowered my already dripping went vagina onto him and enclosed him tightly.

I bend towards him, brushing my stone-hard breasts against his face. I began to move, and at that moment I felt him tremble, then the earth. The whole house seemed to shake right from the foundation as everything else started falling.

Sirens sounded in the distance.

I knew just then that we were both coming.

Copyright © Rati, 2012.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sex on the Beach

When Cindy came from her evening walk the other day I knew that she’d been up to some mischief – she looked a bit flushed.

“I met this drop-dead-gorgeous guy,” she said. “I like him, I guess.”

“Ah,” I muttered, with understanding of what she hadn’t said.

“Guess what?” I was about to say that I am not good at guesses when she continued, undeterred. “I’m no longer a virgin.”

Not exactly the mischief I had envisioned.

“It was on the beach. Gosh! I screamed my head off.” She said matter-of-factly. “My pussy is still fluttering like a butterfly.”

I looked at my sister with an indifferent fury. “That was my boyfriend. I saw you.”

“What do you mean, Elsie? I know your boyfriend.”

“Well,” I said. “You win some, you lose some. I never liked him that much anyway.”

Copyright © Rati, 2012.

Friday, 21 December 2012


In the candle lit room her smooth dimpled face gleamed with an ear-to-ear smile, her breasts topped with areolae of sliced pineapples so full that they threatened to burst, her raspberry nipples hard with desire.

Lying there as the table where I had laid all sorts of foods for my idea of a sensual banquet I felt a tingling sensation all over me. Never before had I wanted to have Talia this much.

After the sensual dinner was over, I served her the dessert: me! We kissed, passionately, sensuously. I enjoyed the warmth and flavor of her lips, lowered myself to her breasts and took a bite of them. She tasted sweet, tangy and fruity, and my mouth filled with saliva.

As I sucked, pressed and pulled her breasts, I massaged her silky, pubic hair. With my hand, I noticed that her vulva was full and her labia were slightly opening.

I inserted my middle finger into her warm and moist vagina searching for her G-Spot.

She reacted to my probing with “Yeeeeh, ooooaaah, aaaagh.”

I pressed further, applying more pressure. I wanted her to writhe in pleasure as I curled my tongue and went for her mound of pleasure, the clitoris.

She cried out, “Oh, oh, oh, my God. You send me to paradise.”

I was thrilled and I stopped. I wanted to allow her to recover, leaking her pre-come. I reached again for her clitoris, pulled it into my mouth and drew deeply from her elongated nipple.

Without warning, her body arched, stiffened and gyrated in all directions. She pulled me closer and closer to her body, clung and bit into my body.

A furtive glance on her face showed a silver line streaking her cheeks. It didn’t take long to know that they were tears.

I was happy that I had made her cry tears of joy.

And it was still foreplay!

Copyright © Rati, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Office Sex

George pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately. Within an embarrassingly short time I realized that my panties were on the floor. So was the thrusting that came a second later. It was as though all hell had broken loose.

Just then I made a startling discovery – my body was vibrating being stimulated from four different parts: pubis, labia, clit and G-Spot. I was at the very point of screaming my head off when I heard Rita, my secretary, calling from outside (I had unhooked the phone).

“Stella, you’ve got a call from the CEO. It’s urgent.”

At that moment, I screamed out, “I’m coming.”

Copyright © Rati, 2012.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Desi Girl

It was my first time in India, and the first time I was meeting my online lover, Suvali. We met on, an online poets’ guild and publishing website.

At first it was just commenting on each other’s works, reviewing and criticizing. 

Soon, we were in-boxing; at first just getting to know how each other’s day had been, sharing daily experiences, just the kind of talk virtual mutual friends can share. Then, it became something else – exchanging our views on life, likes and dislikes, and the generics that governed us. Ultimately it turned suggestive, and seductive. Sexy emails were sent and replied to, photos and e-cards sent from time to time. We chatted late in the night, laughed and talked like we had known each other for years. It was not surprising when one day we had a go at cyber sex which became our occasional shenanigans.

Subsequently, we exchanged cell phone numbers and we talked for hours on end until we decided that the long distance was killing us. We had to meet.

That’s how I ended up in Maharastra, Mumbai.

There was a delay at the airport, but I was sure Suvali would be waiting when I cleared with the immigration three hours later.

And when we at last met, there was no surprise in store – she was the exact copy of the virtual she I knew; only that she’s more stunning in person.

“I live alone, Issa. You know my Miss Independent lifestyle. Let’s go home first, we be tourists tomorrow.”

“As you wish, sweetie. I’m all yours.”

Guess I was not going to my hotel.

Thus it was then that I threw away all the caution about meeting online lovers for the first time. I trusted this girl who couldn’t be a day older than twenty if her face was anything to go by, though she was twenty four. I had ten years on her, but what has age got to do with love?

At her house, a one-storey apartment, we had a sumptuous meal with the trademark chili of Indian cuisine.

When we were done she told me that she was the dessert and the idea itself send adrenalin rushing through my body.

She took off her sari revealing a black lace bra and provocative lingerie I only saw from photo-shopped photos being worn by Hollywood women. She began to dance to the music that was playing, an outlandish dance move that seemed to borrow from Jenifer Lopez and Britney Spears’ Womanizer. She sang along, interweaving with Dostana's lyrics of Desi Girl, a song she had dedicated to me those first days.

She moved towards me, gyrating her hips in a calculated seduction move, and as I devoured the sight before me I felt a surge of obscene desire course through my body. I began to tumescent in my briefs.

I did not know what to do, so I just sat there.

She reached for me and began undressing me, and I let her do it. Who wouldn’t anyway?

“Issa boy, you’re so endowed. According to the Kama Sutra, you’re a bull. Your lingam is the right tool for me.

 She took my already twitching shaft in her small, soft hands and before I could do something, like cup her breasts – which were already full and nipples so erected they pointed at the ceiling – she took me in her mouth. Her lips slid up and down the diamond hard dick with deliberate slowness. When I was about to come, she licked the pre-come and stopped.

She took my hand and introduced it to her warm, slippery vagina.

“Touch my yoni, Issa. I want you to touch me.”

Under my touch, I felt her vulva lips open like a lotus flower bud, swell and moisten. She guided me into her yoni, and the clitoris, and I did not need to be told what to do. Occasionally, I inserted my tongue inside her vagina, tasting her salty, yet sweet, liquids.

“Aaaaaaagh. Eeeeeeeegh.” She moaned as I administered to her fluttering labia.

“Issa, babe. I am so ready for you. I want you now… when you’re ready, my yoni is awaiting your lingam. I’m fluttering like a butterfly in there…”

 I slid into her, slowly, her labia so soft and feathery to the head of my almost exploding lingam, and fit into her interior like no other, leaving no crevice untouched.

 Suvali pulled her legs up, one on each side of me until they were in a V. I felt my tumescence grow inside her, and I sank deeper.

As though that was not enough, she reached up, grabbing each leg at her knees, pulling them tight to her chest. With her legs doubled up against each other I felt her widen more and I sank even deeper, to the deepest core of her womanhood, the whole of her female essence covered me.

I began to move in and out of her, and with every thrust I could feel strength seeping out of me while taking in some at the same time, exploring her inner depths and inner folds of her flower. The world around disappeared and our bodies, one conduit of pure unadulterated pleasure where nothing mattered than devouring the taste of nirvana this Desi Girl had provided.

I lost myself in the seamless movement, and as I reached way up inside her, a shivering wave of ecstasy seized me. I heard Suvali gasp and moan my name, “O Issa…”

At that instance, I felt the warm gush of her orgasm and I grew even bigger, pushed harder, and faster. With an explosion that deafened the explosive ecstasy I spew my hot liquids inside her just as I felt a surge of powerful energy.

I felt all the liquids boil inside her, scalding me, seeping out of her yoni and coating our thighs.

We luxuriated just for a brief moment in the lethargy that comes from truly ecstatic lovemaking. I discovered that her yoni had really awaited my lingam for I saw the trace of her innocence when she stood up, knelt above my chest and let all what her ravenous pudenda had held pour onto me.

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Squirt to The Ceiling

Once I stood before him in my lingerie, he scooped me up as though I was a two-year-old toddler and carried me to the bed. He placed me gently on the thickly draped canopied bed, and then took off my knickers with his teeth. The idea alone turned me on and levitated me to the heavens.

When he was done, he put his head between my thighs. I felt his tongue move up and down the shaft of my clitoris giving me feathery sensations I had never felt.

He flicked the tongue from side to side, underneath the clit, and then covered it with his mouth, sucking gently. Just as I was about to say “DON’T. STOP” I felt his tongue inside my throbbing vagina.

He went back to twirl and flick the clit, and put a finger into my already wet sheath and pulled gently downwards.

I felt all the nuts that held my super-structure and chassis together loosen, then everything snapped. Gates of some dam were pulled open and one strong jet of fluid gushed out washing him in the face.

He continued to pleasure and frolic me as I squirted to the ceiling.

Copyright © Rati, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Original Sin


I knew at the back of his egoistical mind he thought he’d conquered, had succeeded in seducing me and sweet talking me out of my knickers. Poor Tom. I pitied him for his quintessential pride.
Nonetheless, I had decided – I was going to commit the original sin.
            I did not act like any other virgin – shy, reserved and afraid of the serpent of Eden.
            Tom kissed me everywhere – neck, ears, eyes, nose, and lips. I felt my breath stop when he touched my small nipples and put them in his mouth. It must have been stranger for Eve in Eden than the myth says.
            I felt his tongue on my navel, then slowly down to my freshly weeded garden. Something slippery touched my clit – what do you think, I was doing biology in school. It was as though I had been electrocuted. I told him to stop, synonym for please don’t stop, for I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore. How I willed to feel like this forever.
            I felt a stream of warm liquid flow from my fluttering vagina as Tommy boy toyed with my labia with his frolicking tongue. I got hold of his dreadlocked head and pulled his soft face closer to my almost exploding sheath.
Whoever said that the first time is painful has never done it with Tom.
            A moment later I felt a warm cucumber tearing asunder my innocent womanhood, sliding deep inside me at the speed of a snail while my heart raced at 280 miles per hour.
            Slowly by slowly my tight hole expanded and in one sudden thrust I felt the whole of Tom inside me. No pain. No nothing. Just a flooding sensation.
            Tom collapsed on top of me, panting.
            “Why did you stop?” I asked him wiggling beneath him.
            He looked at me, the blue in his eyes bluer boring into mine.
            “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked instead.
            “Tell you what?” I knew what he meant, though.
            “That it was your first time.”
            “What difference would it have made?”
            “I would have been gentler.”
            “Well, as they say, next time it’d be easier.”

Copyright © Rati, 2012.