Wednesday 13 August 2014

Gold Digger

When I return from the bathroom, I sit on his laps.
He seems lusty.
My hardened nipples push through the sheer negligee
A minaret and a spire that calls men to worship me.
When I left my pussy was pulsating, swollen and dripping wet.

He whispers quietly on my ear:
You smell nice. Your scent is sensual.
No, I want to say. It’s sexual.

Jamie, ten years my senior, talks dirtier:
I wanna feel that dripping wetness on my dick. My nipples brush his lips when
I move closer – my pudenda throbs for your cock, cough dough.
I move to the couch opposite him and I let out a moan.
He is more handsome than I can remember.
I press my open knees closed. Sit like a girl, my mother used to tell me.
I finger the hole between my legs, slick glistening when I remove and suck it.

From his couch he stares at me, eyes drooling.
My elongated clit caresses the leather and I tremble –
I open my legs like a well-oiled door,
Daring him to show me the dollar bills and

Give me what I wanted: DICK.