Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sex Tip of the Week: The Games

Life is too short to live it somberly  Go for it. Do all the craziest things you want. That’s where the games come in.

And I’m not talking of Olympian Games in honour of Zeus. Four years is very long time to wait to have fun.
The bedroom is not the only room in the house where sex should be done. All rooms are erotic venues. It is too boring to make love in the bedroom, in bed, only.

Have bathroom fun with lit scented candles, hot baths and everything erotic imaginable.

Shower games: play around in the shower; masturbate my throbbing pussy to orgasm with jets of warm water as you give my burning body a sensual massage. And oh, I love cunnilingus under the shower. You take it further and I might just reward you with a bend over.