Tuesday 26 February 2013

For the Love of a Slave

(Diary of a Punjab Slave story)

This 19th day of January, 1870;

In the house where I was owned and was to live I was tasked and given the duty of attending to dishes and dusters and cooking for the Prabhu.

The young Prabhu used to come and sit in the corner of the kitchen that I put not a thing saying not a word to me but feasting his eyes on me when I cooked, washed dishes and moved around the kitchen in bare feet.
But me never looked him in the face though I secretly looked at him when I was further away, abashed he was looking at me; and when he decided to break his vow of silence or asked me something I answered in indistinct words and unfinished sentences, but delighted to be in his company. He was that good to me I started longing he come from morning and stay at his silent corner through the before and after of the noon to evening.
William showed so much kindness to me and as though he had made a discovery of that which ranked as my delight used to come often and walk with me to the gardens and fields. If not for some unbeknownst reason I thought of him in the ways I had been taught of the Kama Sutra, but I was Dalit and he was not of supposition to touch me or feel for me in courtship or any congress, this I was warned Harijan do not possess the pleasure.

            Then one day he came to the stable where I rested and informed me of his reason of being that good to me not like his father and others. He made confession of his feeling existing for me and was of wishing to court me.

            "In what manner thou intents to accomplish that while I am a Daas and Dalit?"
            It was of great surprise to hearing of his profession and wishing, but I was Harijan even though I was of the same wishing and dreaming.

            He then started coming every night when others were sleeping and could not hear of his night undertakings.

            Me who was well versed with the teachings Vatsayayana was of knowing of what to be done. When this day he came and touched me in embracing and kissing, my whole body ached with desiring for congress. My yoni cried rivers of pleasure wanting and my bud nodded in agreement, opening the lips of my yoni to look for lingam.

            Daas I was evaded me and brought forgetting I was desiring my Prabhu. Reaching for him I untied his white man's clothes. The head of his lingam touched my hand just for a moment and my whole body melted.

            His big lingam twitched faster and harder in my hand and I who was from Punjab knew the art of Auparishtaka well. I bend unto his loins and extracted the length of his lingam in my hand and guided it to my mouth. That which was dictated by Vatsayayana in the Kama Sutra of the congress of the mouth I did and William was happy. In his blue eyes of the white men was the willing for congress.

            I knew I was Mrigi (Deer Woman) and I lay on my back, raised my hips and thighs and opened my legs as much as they could open then touched and opened the lips of my hungry yoni and told William to enter me even if just for an instance.

            William's phallus filled my yoni completely, leaving no space unoccupied. I felt each and every minor movement his lingam made inside me, feeling every aperture and faucet of my womanhood being torn asunder and tickled all at the same time.

            My legs rested on his shoulders with his lingam moving in and out slowly. I pulled them to my chest and crossed them opening the hole with the lingam more and William plunging deeper like he was getting into my stomach.

            I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him to me, willing for him to stay there a thousand years like Kama and Sutra have been making love. At that instance his thrusting provoked my Kundalin Shakti.

            This very night we engaged in congress till the rays of dawning speared the sky and birds were singing sweetened songs in melodies and tunes only them understood when William sneaked out and went to his house.

            That morning he did not come to his silent corner in the kitchen. I felt so lone and missing his company not because I wanted him to watch me but because the memory of yester night made my trembling yoni dance like a dervish.

            When I was ready to serve them with the meal to break their fast I heard a heating quarrel in the main house and I stopped and listened. It was William and his father, my Prabhu.

            "You think I don't know about you and that slave bitch?"

            "Don't call her that. She deserves respect, dad."

            "Says who? She's just a slave."

            "Yes, and I want to buy her. Sell her to me. I'll pay anything…"

            "And what are you buying her for? The work or the pussy?"

            There was a commotion at that sudden moment. When I peered I saw the prabhu on the floor using his hands on the face as shield. I realized what had happened – William had boxed his father.

            That day in the evening a new buyer bought me and was handed me as his property.

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Saturday 23 February 2013

Eve's Apples


She scissored her legs
Showed a pantless vulva,
A fascinating slot in flesh,
And he gazed at the pink aperture.

She danced her way to him
Shaking booty in sweet symphony,
Perched her butt on his laps
Emitting I-want-to-be-fucked scent;

She shrugged her halterneck
Breasts spurt spilling out,
Nipples red like cherries
And big like apples;

 She leaned forward
Thrust her whole bust to his face,
Pulled it to the rift between her boobs
And told him to feast on her apples;

He sucked and nibbled
Bit and pulled;
Did a million things at once
Wished he had a million mouths.

He who had hands
Wished for octopussy
Not just a pussy
And pleasure her all over.

At last mouths attacked
Lips in perfect fit locked
Like the pussy and the cock
And the ride of all time began.

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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Fucker and Fucked

“Let's do it again,” she said, staring at him in the eye. “I was so horny for you I didn't even see it coming. I'm now even hornier.”

“Your wish is my command, Mademoiselle," he told her.

“Yeah, because you've got no otherwise than to fuck me till I scream my head off."

 “Rita, I want to fuck you than you've ever been fucked before."

"And how do you think you gonna accomplish that feat?"

"Through this," he said as he forced his rock-hard dick into her hole from the rear. Just as he tried to push himself inside, he felt himself expand and throb her insides harder, something she welcomed by not really screaming her head off, but screaming all the same.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeaaahhhhh, yeeahh. Fuck me. Yes, yes, yes," she cried.

The hammering inside her was touching something inside her that send rivulets of sensation all over her ass, cunt and boobs before dissolving and seeping to the rest of her body.

"Yes, there babe. Fuck me there. Yearrrrrgggggggghhhhhh. Faster, faster babe! Faster!" she commanded him and sure as hell her wishes were his commands.

As she continued to tell him what to do, he decided to give her the titillating pleasure of the century. Hadn't he told her that he would fuck her than she had never been fucked before?

His hands trailed the furrow from her luscious ass up the spine in slow, calculated movements. This not only increased his desire for her but also hardened his erection inside her hot, dripping wet cunt.

Her boobs that were making slow dance motions like pendulums as she was receiving the fuck of all time, filled and ballooned when she felt his hand cup them and she almost collapsed from the pleasure the act alone brought.

Unbeknown to her, he had something in mind – his one hand compressed her chest while the other went for her neck. Being a rogue medical student he knew the autonomy of human body like the back of his hand. He felt for and found the carotid artery and  compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, and released just in time as Rita's ass and vagina walls constricted and tightened gripping his cock like rubber.

He knew that he was doing it right.

Rita felt something disengage from her brain, some muscles she had never known existed went slack and a feeling like electric shock went through her body. Without even realizing it, she felt her vagina jerk as though it had been pricked, her ass hole and every other pore that had been open to receive Jimmy's ravenous fucking close and open spasmodically.

She felt giddy and lightheaded coupled with cosmic pleasure that tickled, if not feathered, her labia. It was as though Jimmy had sprout antennae and tentacles and was using them as hands to give her pleasure from all over her body. She felt as though she had got a dozen vaginas and she was being masturbated my mysteriously soft hands all at the same time.

Just at that time images danced in front of her, images of angels and demons all fused in lovemaking. She felt aloft and catatonic, levitating and going up and up in heaven as though she was being pulled by a pulley.

She floated in the heavens and in the expanse of the snowy quilt that was cloud nine she saw the gates of hell and heaven open at the same time. A flood of luxuriating waters flowed towards her just in time to quench the fires of hell that were rolling to her like fireballs.

The orgasm was archetypal, rhapsodic and well, ecstatic as though she was high on cocaine. Never mind she dealt. God, she wanted to feel that way forever.

But well, she did scream her head off. She must have said "I'm Coming" more than a millions times before she really said, "Oooooooooohhhhhhh!!!!" as all the banks of her womanhood burst open and the squirt flooded their dingy room of obscenity.

Copyright ©Rati, 2013.