Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sharon's Snake

I felt him plant himself in my rear opening. Well, I’m not being euphemistic here. Let me blunt – he planted himself in me from the rear. Not in my ass hole. I am not an ass girl.

He turned round and supported his over-masculine body on the palms and on the tip of the toes. He began to make come-and-go movements as well as circular ones; on my ass. Jeez, he was now pushing it.

But I was not to stay passive. You can’t have such a sensual style while fucking your best friend’s boyfriend and fail to respond with soft movements of the pelvis.

As though it was a ritual he procured for me an extraordinary massage of my G-spot. Trust me, I couldn’t resist the stimulation, nor would any other woman, without having a profound orgasm, a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

I knew he knew ways of the Kama Sutra when he stopped moving and focused his lustful attention somewhere else.

It worked. I felt all my self-will and restraint fail as the sexual energy that I had chained because of the love and care I had for my best friend sublimed.

That was before Sharon announced from the living room that she was home.

Copyright © Rati, 2014.