Wednesday 20 November 2013

Sex Tip of The Week: The Missionary Position

The missionary position does not necessarily bring a woman to orgasm/climax. Give her lots of clitoral stimulation, and for you men who learnt from the ancient books that a woman's vagina is a hole to get in and out anyhow, let this get into you - stimulate her gently and to the maximum before you penetrate. Some of us women like finger stimulation at the same time as face-to-face intercourse. Intercourse, yes, not fucking. 

Thursday 14 November 2013


I’m the gymnast in bedroom. For him he knows what Johann Ludwig Krapf said men and women should fuck, back in the year 1800. Moreover, he is a three-second guy. No more, no less. Three seconds, ninety nanoseconds tops.

I decided to research on how I can help him last longer inside me. I’m a girl who loves it in me for eons. His lightning strike fucking leaves the engine when it was just warming up to rev.

Armed with my research, I let him enter me with such hunger and velocity that is his trademark. Just before the first second elapsed and he began to pant in anticipation of his premature orgasm, I raised my legs in the air exposing my hairy pussy to gases of the atmosphere. I then turned right around his projection like a horizontal wheel around a vertical axis.

As though on cue, I felt his hand on my boobs. He cuddled the titties and pinched my nipples as his caresses intensified.

Thanks to my yoga, I reached for his reclining torso and fondled his chest, his penis in me like a pivot in flesh and blood from which stemmed archetypal pleasure.

The rock hard shaft pushed deep inside to a new deepest deep. I squirmed and raised myself a little taking the whole length of his maleness I so madly wanted to feel clogged in me.

As though my mind was a haze of delirium and cobwebs, everything cleared and the only thing that mattered was me twerking my ass like a stripper giving my oh-so beloved pussy the fuck of the century. I concentrated on my butt movements and cunt circulating on the pole that was poring deep inside me like a drill. I couldn’t believe that my Guinness book of records lollipop had lasted for twenty minutes and counting.

Well, the book had said that it is the position all men with premature ejaculation should fuck. It enhances sexual continence.

I didn’t stop coming until he came (after an hour).

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