Monday, 27 January 2014

Sex Tip of the Week: 3-Day Sex

Yes, three days of sex. And there are guys, and girls, who can’t last more than five seconds. Well, perhaps they suffer from PGAD, too bad for them; but you can have a 3-Day sex even.

Sex experts call it Tantric Sex.

On the first day take a walk, have that damn picnic you’ve been planning for years and spent the time to renew your intimacy. In the evening lightly stroke, and breasts and genitals are NO-GO. Take breaks and continue stroking. Then spoon without stimulating each other, easy to say but hard to do – try! Can you imagine you have just had sex?

Day two involves the things of day one but throw in some caresses here and there on each other’s chests. It’s OK to touch boobs, vulva, vagina, labia and that penis you are dying to have inside you but self-restraint and will should not fail you. Cage them. that’s enough sex for day two. It’s torturing, right?

The last day, the day you are going to rise from the dead and ascend to heaven, take as long as it takes to do the things of the first two days. It is time for penetration, but don’t you dare fuck. The woman takes that dick she’s dying to feel tearing each part of her womanhood inside her pussy and just lies there until the man’s erection subsides. Repeat this as long as it takes.

Then, when you can’t take it anymore, allow yourselves to climax.

Trust me, it’s explosive! 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sex Tip of the Week: 3D Massage

One of the most sensual ways of making love is massaging albeit mostly underused or just ignored. Many men focus on pounding the vagina and hammering that cunt such that other body parts stampede screaming for attention.

Style up gents, and ladies let your boys touch you more. Touching during sex is sensual, but you don’t know what I’m talking about if you don’t do a 3D-massage (3-handed massage).

A sensual massage is the bomb; nevertheless it’s never enough without sneaking in a few strokes of the vagina.

The man lets the penis penetrate the vagina (from behind) as he gives his woman a back massage, and continues to. Don’t stop because you are dying to fuck that dripping wet pussy. Continue massaging the back as well as the vagina.

No masseuse has ever mastered the art of massaging than a man who gives a 3D-Massage.