Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Climbing the Tree (Kama Sutra)

My new boyfriend, whom I had gotten due to need for hot break up sex after my two-timing excuse of a boyfriend of exactly three weeks and seven hours had left me for a pre-menopausal au pair, dragged me to the edge of the bed as my body still shuddered for the umpteenth orgasm.

I felt my cunt clench around him as he grabbed me and turned me over, almost sliding out (something which I protested by whimpering). He shoved my back up against the wall, felt the hardness and his rock hard, never tiring penis drive into me.

I wrapped my legs stretched around him, as though I was climbing a tree, using his penis as a strong branch to prevent me from falling. I could smell his breath as I stared into his eyes administering all manner of caresses. I pinched him and he pinched back, kissing me indecorously as though I was about to take off from earth to the moon without a warning, the look on his eyes mirroring the mounting lust in my own.

My hands groped for something but touched nothing as his thrusts into my pleasurably bruised pussy became more erratic, shorter and deeper than I had ever experienced in my entire fucking life.

I was coming again, but I had never stopped though. I gripped him tighter in the absence of any other leverage I could get. This was met by his body stiffening and voice rising to a groan that was almost a growl to interlace with my screams. I felt his monumental dick hit a new deep in my dripping wet pussy, his hot spermatozoon drenching my innards as the banks of my deep waters burst open and I waterfalled gallons of squirt on the heavily carpeted floor.

For an instance, we stayed glued together, frozen like a paused movie. My fading moans morphed to soft whimpers as his breathing became deep and ragged, the sexual energy that had seeped and risen in my spinal cord ebbing away like retreating waves.

Still holding onto me, my bullish fucking machine staggered away from the wall and lowered us both to the bed that took us without complain. The bedroom looked like a fucking war zone.

Copyright © Rati, 2013

Sunday, 4 August 2013

I Wanna You Fuck Me

Lust in the air as more feel grab me by the pigtails
Go with you to your motel, after your shoe sales,
I look at you and my boobs swell, not that I have to tell,
Boy I gonna stick to you, and you stick on me,
Suck on your dick, guzzle your slick
You suck on pussy, and mine’s right
Can’t promise the door is tight, but pussy is pussy, after midnight.

Sit back on the couch, and lemme do my thing,
You can see me strip, and I can see you drip
It’s cool we jet, the mood set
My pussy wet, rubbing on your face,
My body moving, booty shaking
My titties bouncing, you smiling, lookin’ at me
You loving the way I shake my ass,
bouncin', got ya’ tippin' ya’ glass,
I don’t do this kinda thingy but I got a thing for you
I wanna you fuck me, get stuck to me.

Copyright ©Rati Yue, 2013.