Friday, 20 September 2013

Creamie Pie

I lay back, resting on my hyper muscled arms ready to take her lissom figure in perfect fit like a lock and key. The veins of my penis strained and enlarged it so much that it hurt, but it was worth the cost. Being inside her brought such debilitating pleasure I lost touch with reality.

She placed herself so that my rock hard, throbbing cock aimed directly at the bull’s eye that’s her ass hole at her buttocks from the rear. I directed my tumescent member that was already weeping pre-cum parting her labia majora and labia minora like the Red Sea.

I pulled her pelvis up to my waist forcing her to lean on me something that was met with a slight plunge into her dripping wet cunt. She almost screamed and I almost released on that slight impact, but I wanted to last like forever inside her, procrastinate the detonation of the bomb that was the lust I had for her pussy.  

That’s where the many hours I spent at the gym paid off. The movement of her sylphlike figure in vigorous tenacity seemed too much for me at first, but I was not admitting she was almost breaking my dick. The much the pain seethed through me was the much pleasure I absorbed and revelled.

With every wriggle of her waist I felt my twitching penis massage each and every part of her vagina as her thick fleshy lips of her vulva suckled my dick creating the sexiest sounds as air got forced into her hot pudenda by my thrusting.

“I love it when your pussy qweefs,” I said.

“Yes, babe. Fuck me hard, faster. I like it.”

 She increased the velocity of her wriggling and waist twisting occasionally stopping when she sensed my sudden pre-orgasmic thrusting. She’d then chameleon her movements and resume the abrasive fucking when she was sure I had slowed down. Her masterly lovemaking created monumental yearning in me for more, all the more reason I delayed and withheld the semen from escaping from my cunt-hungry dick.

“Give me a cream pie, motherfucker…” she wailed like the girls in porn.

“Get it, bitch. Yearrgghh…..” I replied just like the porn jackasses do.

I let loose the leashes that held my juices back and ejaculated into her ploughed vagina. When I had
depleted all reserves and deposited everything inside her, I watched the semen, intermingled with her thick juices, drip out of her twitching hole, the lips of her vagina forming a smiling curve as the creamy fluid oozed out.
I felt like a porn star admiring the damage I had done to a virgin whore.

Copyright ©Rati, 2013

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