Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kinky Fuck

His hand traced the furrow that led to the base of my ass; lingered some more then parted the cheeks of my buttocks with hands shaped by experience. I felt him lodge his tumescent maleness in the aperture tightly closed by my butt. I had never entertained spanking, but this day it was the most romantic thing he did.
Jim used one hand to smack me and the other to rub the marshmallows that is my bum. Just before I could tell him I liked it, the hand sneakily took hold of my rock hard throbbing clit and caressed it. I felt rivulets of strange liquids course through me at the speed of light. Instinctively, I began shaking my booty and I could feel him threatening to plunge into me any minute. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted him to release it all inside me, ten months without sight of him felt like forever
I could feel my movements of joy and pleasure accentuate his craving considerably, so I had to stop before he could let that entire damn burst outside. I’m not wild for him to sow his oats outside.
While he was still lodged in my bottom, he knelt down on the bed and I sat on him with my erect facing west while pointing north provocatively. His left hand reached the front of my nether region and touched my ballooning vulva. That was it. I began to shake-dance from all over, as though I was the epicentre of a tremor. He massaged my labia and clitoris with one hand while he masturbated me with the other when I began to move my pelvis rhythmically.
The hand massaging my twitching clit stopped and shifted to my boobs that have grown bigger than a hot air balloon from his caresses.
Small gasps escaped from my mouth as I groaned in pleasure. His fingers that had invested in my genitalia upped the alert to red and at that very moment I knew I was coming.
It was the orgasm of the year as I made a startling discovery – I could squirt.

Copyright ©Rati, 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Being the conservative one in the relationship I always put him off with one cold stare, a wave of a hand and relentless protests whenever he hinted at trying a new style or position. In the first place, where did he learn such stuff and, to the best of my knowledge, I did not remember doing it with him.
For the record, I am a missionary and the missionary position is the way to go. I am not for the idea that human body should be put through such contortions in search of pleasure.
So, when this day I lay on the bed like I had done for the past three years of our (un)happy marriage and expected him to perform the drill I had become used to – spread my legs, force himself into my womanhood grazing me as he entered and then plunging deeper and deeper and releasing his seed inside me within a record time of 90 seconds – he surprised me by doing something else. He touched me, then kissed me (the first since before I officially became his sex slave and skivvy), suckled my boobs and then all hell broke loose (he kissed me down there and pretended I was not fisting him on the back to stop).
Just before police sirens wailed in the distance (I had called 911) announcing the coming of hormones I had not known existed, my body went on overdrive. I could feel the labia majora and minora butterflying in my vagina, the hands groping for anything that came in the way and then mind going all peekaboo.
With speed that startled my husband of three years who for ever had wished I become an indiscreet lover I pushed him away violently and climbed on top of him with viciousness of a feline. I lay head to tail over him slapping his clean shaven face with the fluttering lips of my pussy and trembling booty. I felt him spread the cheeks of my butt; caress my widely opened lips of my vulva with the tip of his tongue.

I grabbed his twitching cock in my hand and put him in my almost screaming mouth as he seized the opportunity to do all the craziest stuff he craved (I knew he watched porn and he always fantasized doing the almost impossible stuff with me). I felt his mouth take the lips of my cunt and roll them with his tongue, frolic and pull at them alternating between titillating my anus with the tongue.  He then reached for the clitoris; the zenith of what I thought was real pleasure at the time.
My mouth is big, and when I took his tumescent penis in me I felt it disappear. The good thing is that he did not presume that my hot mouth was my vagina and start thrusting, all the more reason I enjoyed it.
Totally engorging the erect penis in my mouth, I pressed and caressed his testicles, allowing my water-falling saliva to flow over them.

Copyright ©Rati, 2013