Sunday, 31 March 2013


It was my first time to do a threesome – two girls, one guy (MFF) – and my lifetime fantasy. God, it was fabulous.

I am heterosexual, something that I find sometimes thrilling, with sadomasochistic and bisexual tendencies bordering on lesbianism. I've had a girl kiss me, but that's as far as it went. 

When my roommate's guy paid her a visit and Stella asked we offer the guy too much cherry than he had hoped for, I said yes.

Well, Stella and her guy perform these wild sex acts I can never imagine – anal, erotic asphyxia, BDSM and all (she tells me after he's long gone). I am not that wild in bed.

We started girlie, and he joined later when I was stooped over licking Stella's pussy as though my whole life depended on it, frolicking and flicking her swollen clit like lollipop in my mouth. God, I was so horny and hungry for a bang, the arousal aggravated by Stella's fingers in my cunt and the mating sounds that filled the room.

Another pair of hands grabbed me from behind a moment before a hard penis was inserted into my dripping wet pudenda. As he began hammering me from behind, Stella's hands on my boobs and our mouths tongue-twisting, I felt my whole body tremble. I had never felt so much pleasure course through me. It did not even take long before my body convulsed in orgasm, squirting on both Stella and her boyfie.

As the lips of my pussy fluttered like a butterfly, raining squirt, Stella's boyfriend put his head between my thighs from behind and collected the entire squirt in his mouth. He then poured it into Stella's waiting mouth, before coming back to me. This time round his rock hard cock trailed the furrow from the vagina to the anus and felt him try to pry open my ass.

"No way!" I screamed. That was as far as I could go, as far as I was getting with this sexcapade. "Ass? No." and I meant no. It's easier to contract HIV/Aids when ejaculated into your ass, plus I couldn't imagine how on earth I'd let a dick inside my anus and suck it (even if it was washed with JIK).

Stella and I switched positions. She bent over my still wet pussy and sucked it, licked and pulled while her boyfriend clobbered her ass.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Yes! Yes!" was all what Stella was saying. "I like it, babe. Yes, babe. Yes, yeah……. Yeaaaahhhh, yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh…."

I played with my nipples, kneading them with my hands while Stella's sweet mouth did wonders to my clit and pussy.

I saw Stella's boyfriend's pectorals twitch, biceps spasm and at the same time increase his ass-lumbering speed. It was a though Stella's voice was crashing into my cunt.

"Aaarrgh! Aaargh!" screamed Stella's boyfriend and I knew he was about to come.

Would he ejaculate in her ass? I wondered.

But just before the thought formed in my mind, he withdrew and came to where I was. Before I knew what he was after, he put his throbbing penis into my mouth and released.

Jeez! That was disgusting. And he expected me to guzzle his egg-white fluids. There I was, having a penis that a moment ago had been ramming down Stella's ass, inside her anus, being pushed into my mouth notwithstanding my disgust of sucking one that has come from my own ass!

A wave of nausea swept through me as I tried not to throw up, a moment before Stella said, "That's ATM, Ass-to-Mouth," she said, taking one of my tits into her mouth. "Hope you enjoyed it."

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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bruised Petal

(Diary of a Jewish Sex Slave story)

Friday 13th, September;

After a week of being sold and resold to willing buyers since my kidnap from our home in Neve Tzedek, I ended up in an unknown mansion of obscenity being a statistic in the world's most lucrative, and secret, business of sexual slavery and human trafficking.

Together with other girls, mostly my age, others even younger, stood naked before a horde of lusty looking men with sex-maniacal saliva drooling at the corners of their mouths. A goliath of an overly-muscled pimp, or maybe he was a man-whore, went around like a parade commander inspecting a guard of honor inserting his fingers into our cunts testing the tightness of our pudendum
Of all the thirteen girls I was the only one who was chosen (I guess I was the only one with a tighter squeeze) to be his, or some other chimp's, flesh-light for the night (at the same time mint money for the house).

I was taken to a room where my virginity that I had virtuously kept for sixteen years was to be brutally taken. My oh-so lovely mother's words of how those worth plucked the petal with dignity evaded me as the horrors of bruised petal plucked hastily debilitated me.

Claw hammer hands grabbed me and the next thing I felt was my legs being spread before a log of a penis split me into two, drilled full length into my pubescent vagina forcing me open from orifices I even hadn't known existed.

"Roll her on top," a new voice commanded.

Once on top, the animal beneath kept on drilling my now profusely bleeding pussy, making obscene noises.
Instantly, my body jerked forward and pushed to lay chest-to-chest with the ape beneath. That's when the worst happened – another stump of maleness forced its way into my ass and then lights went out.

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