Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Gazelle & the Stallion

I came for the umpteenth time. Had I stopped coming in the first place? By now we had tried all sexual positions and styles on the book and when I was thinking we had exhausted everything he surprised me.

He grabbed me by my waiflike waist and pulled me towards his twitching cock. I felt his maleness enter me glazing the walls of my ever juicy pussy and fit snuggly in me like a lock and key. To support myself, I got hold of his wrists and rested my small butt on his thighs.

My pussy, like never before, was very, very hungry and greedy for more cock. I took his rock hard penis into me, the whole length of it knocking at my cervix as it balanced my feather weight on him.

To spice up the sensation I was feeling coursing through every vein of my already over-fucked, over-kissed, over-sucked body, the glans and the shaft massaged the upper area of my vagina as though on cue. Literally, my vagina danced a slow waltz as sensation rushed through it like a torrential river. It felt like I was in heaven. Heck, I was in heaven.

As his shaft fucked me sideways and horizontally, I accentuated the massage my clit was getting by allowing my head to fall backwards to the ground and, still holding onto him like a precious relic, controlled the pleasure his penis was pumping into me by gyrating my hips, twisting and moving in circular motions.
I felt a feeling I had never felt before, a draining of my energy (both sexual and physical) at alarming rate to damning levels and, before the alarm wailed, flowed along the spine to the head generating an elevated type of orgasm that send me spiralling to the ground as my trembling pussy gushed squirt like a fountain.

I lay crumpled on the floor like a mangled body, oh yes I was mangled by his cock, trembling from the off-this-earth orgasm while he recovered from his own ejaculation after emptying the whole sac on me.

It was the best of the best that day.

Copyright ©Rati, 2013